Canowindra Cabonne Country Balloon Glow

Cabonne Council is proud to be a major sponsor of the 2017 Cabonne Country Balloon Glow.
Each year the skies above Canowindra come alive with the roar of the burners and visual spectacular provided when mass hot air balloons take flight in competition, joy and commercial flying.
This year the “Hummingbird” from the Balloon Capital of the World Albuquerque will be part of the spectacular display lighting up the sky at the Cabonne Country Balloon Glow on Saturday 22 April 2017
The Canowindra International Balloon Challenge is run over 8 days during the NSW school holidays, 18th to 25th April 2017. More details can be found by visiting the website:
During the Canowindra Balloon Challenge, the town receives over 10 thousand visitors to see the balloons. The wide-open spaces, ideal weather conditions, and friendly local people make this an ideal area for hot air ballooning.
With the challenge drawing in some of the world's best hot air balloon pilots, this annual event which continues to grow in status is an event not to be missed.