Draft Development Control Plan

A new Development Control Plan ('DCP')

In 2012 Cabonne Council is proposing to prepare a new Development Control Plan ('DCP') that will provide more detailed controls for development across Cabonne. 

Council has commenced work on the new DCP and intends that a Draft DCP will be available for public exhibition and comment either late in 2012 or early in 2013. 

Once adopted by Council the new DCP will work in conjunction with the new Local Environmental Plan ('LEP') to create a comprehensive set of controls for development in Cabonne. 

What is the role of a Development Control Plan?

It is the role of a DCP to provide more detailed controls for specific development types, issues and places that are suited to Cabonne and the community's desired outcomes. 

DCP controls cover a range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Environmental Controls - e.g. protection of agricultural soils; water quality & quantity; biodiversity & significant vegetation; waste management; and heritage conservation etc;
  • General Development Controls - e.g. subdivision; signage; traffic, access & parking; landscape & open space; building height & articulation; utilities & drainage; heritage etc;
  • Controls for Certain Land Uses - e.g. controls for rural & agricultural uses; rural residential dwellings; urban residential dwellings; commercial (business & retail); and industrial development etc.
  • Place-Based Controls - e.g. controls for heritage conservation areas in Molong & Canowindra, industrial precincts in Molong, Canowindra, Manildra and Eugowra , and perhaps general controls for other villages.

Why do we need a new Development Control Plan?

Currently there are up to 13 DCPs in Cabonne covering development in certain zones (e.g. rural small holdings, rural zones), specific development in  specific places (e.g. North Street Canowindra Industrial, North Molong Industry, and Advertising Signage (Molong & Canowindra)), and types of development across Cabonne (e.g. Relocatable Homes & Transportable Buildings). 

A new DCP is needed for several reasons:

  • Integration with new LEP:  Council is currently preparing a new LEP to govern development in Cabonne.  A new DCP will be needed to ensure that the DCP and LEP are consistent in controls and terminology;
  • Updating controls: Some of the existing DCPs date back to 1992 and do not reflect the changes in  development pressure and opportunities since that time;
  • Improved development outcomes: Many higher impact land uses and areas of Cabonne that have significant development do not have appropriate or consistent controls;
  • Transparency: Some existing controls are based on Council resolutions and policies and need to be consolidated in a DCP where they are easier to find and understand;
  • One DCP for any one block of land: It is a requirement of the NSW State Government that only one DCP applies to any one block of land so where there are multiple DCPs they will need to be consolidated into one document.
  • Best Practice:This is also an opportunity to ensure planning controls align with best practice and current legislation and policy, to ensure that they are achieving the desired development outcomes set out in adopted land use strategies, and to make development assessment more efficient and less difficult. 

Where existing controls are still suitable they will be retained.  However, this process is an ideal opportunity to review the effectiveness of the controls and, where appropriate, make corrections or amendments.

Council will provide further information once the proposed DCP project progresses.  Please contact Council if you have any queries.

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