Community Strategic Plan


The Community Strategic Plan is a document created by Council based on the community's views, ideas and vision for the future of the shire. It sits in a suite of documents, known as Integrated Planning and Reporting, and guides Council on what we can deliver in order to achieve the Community Strategic Plan.

The Plan will set the direction for Cabonne by helping to determine what is most important to our community.

The Plan also aids stakeholders, such as Council, and State Government to understand the community’s priorities for spending and grant applications.

It is important that everyone ensures that they are part of the process of developing this Plan to guarantee our community has the best blueprint for Cabonne's future.

Community consultation meetings, subject to COVID restrictions, will take place in each town and village across Cabonne, to allow residents to have their say in what a future Cabonne looks like. Until these meetings are able to take place, we'd love it if you'd register to find out more about the Community Strategic Plan and be notified when you can attend a meeting near you!

From kids through to seniors... everyone has a role in helping set the direction for Cabonne, so make sure your voice is heard!