Information for Registered Educators


Child Enrolment

Complying Written Arrangement(PDF, 51KB)

Complying Written Arrangement e-Form(PDF, 675KB)

Enrolment Authorisations(PDF, 108KB)

Site Induction(PDF, 90KB)

School Travel Form(PDF, 98KB)

Emergency Contacts(PDF, 52KB)

Emergency Contacts e-Form(PDF, 595KB)


Excursion Forms

Risk Assessment(PDF, 160KB)

Risk Assessment e-Form(PDF, 712KB)

Record of Weekly Excursion(PDF, 114KB)


Educator Forms

Educator Workplace Safety Audit e-Form(PDF, 1MB)

Visitor Book(PDF, 77KB)

Visitor Book e-Form(PDF, 670KB)

Evacuation Procedures(PDF, 177KB)

Evacuation Procedures E-Form(PDF, 749KB)

Incident Report(PDF, 218KB)

Incident Report E-Form(PDF, 843KB)

Medical Examination Report(PDF, 87KB)

14 Day Notice Form
(PDF, 163KB)

Student and Volunteer Code of Conduct(PDF, 86KB)

Sleep Check Record(PDF, 54KB)

Sleep Check Record e-Form(PDF, 625KB)

Attendance Record(PDF, 218KB)

Attendance Record e-Form(PDF, 694KB)

Relevant Arrangement(PDF, 117KB)

Care Outside of Work Hours e-Form(PDF, 678KB)

Daily Home Checklist(PDF, 85KB)

Daily Home Checklist e-Form(PDF, 841KB)

Cabonne Family Day Care Policy 2020(PDF, 2MB)




Medical Forms


Medication Authorisation(PDF, 96KB)

Risk Minimisation Plan(PDF, 69KB)

Allergic Reactions Action Plan(PDF, 273KB)

Anaphylaxis Action Plan(PDF, 275KB)

Asthma Action Plan(PDF, 139KB)

Incident Report(PDF, 218KB)

Incident Report E-Form(PDF, 843KB)

Anaphylaxis Notice(PDF, 95KB)

Programming and Planning

Developmental Milestones(PDF, 2MB)

Developmental Milestones e-Form(PDF, 4MB)

Anecdotal Record Template(PDF, 158KB)

Anecdotal Record E-Form(PDF, 702KB)

Learning Story Template(PDF, 154KB)

Learning Story e-Form(PDF, 688KB)

Photo Series Template(PDF, 864KB)

Photo Series e-Form(PDF, 864KB)

Educational Program Template(PDF, 81KB)

Educational Program Template e-Form(PDF, 621KB)



Molong Playgroups are currently not running due to COVID-19 restrictions. We will return once NSW reaches 80% double dose vaccinations. 

Please note, individuals aged 16 and over will need to be fully vaccinated in order to attend playgroups. 

We can't wait to see you again soon!