Information for Registered Educators


Child Enrolment Forms

CU03 Fee Policy 2018-2019(PDF, 459KB)

CU05 Fee Policy Agreement 2018-2019(PDF, 143KB)

CU21 Enrolment Form 2018(PDF, 556KB)

E02 Site Induction and Orientation(PDF, 358KB)

E04 Attendance Record(PDF, 231KB)

E80 Risk Minimisation and Communication Plan(PDF, 361KB)

P01 Unprescribed Creams(PDF, 181KB)

P02 Complying Written Arrangement.pdf(PDF, 63KB)

P17 Parent Handbook(PDF, 983KB)

P32 All About Your Child(PDF, 119KB)

Excursion Forms

E44 Risk Assessment(PDF, 332KB)

E44 Risk Assessment 2019(PDF, 333KB)

E45 Excursion Authorisation Non-Routine(PDF, 377KB)

E45 Excursion Authorisation Non-Routine 2019(PDF, 356KB)

E46 Excursion Authorisation Regular Outing(PDF, 396KB)

E46 Excursion Authorisation Regular Outing 2019(PDF, 396KB)

E83 Benefit Risk Assessment(PDF, 294KB)

E83 Benefit Risk Assessment 2019(PDF, 295KB)


Educator Forms

CU01 Educator Workplace Safety Audit(PDF, 944KB)

CU04 Education and Care National Regulations Poster(PDF, 305KB)

CU12 Child Concerns Form(PDF, 384KB)

CU15 ECA Code of Ethics(PDF, 468KB) 

CU106 FDCA Incident Report Form(PDF, 91KB)

CU113 Our Philosophy(PDF, 2MB)

E01 Visitor Book(PDF, 136KB)

E15 Educator Leave Form(PDF, 162KB)

E35 Unwell Child Checklist(PDF, 376KB)

E42 Fire and Emergency Procedures(PDF, 259KB)

E47 Incident Report(PDF, 240KB)

E48 Medication Authorisation(PDF, 258KB)

E64 Weekly Excursion(PDF, 284KB)

E73 Vehicle Restraint Inspection Report(PDF, 165KB)

E86 Fire and Emergency Scenarios(PDF, 238KB)

P02 Complying Written Arrangement(PDF, 63KB)

P09 Parent Leave and Finishing Care(PDF, 331KB)


Prospective Educator Forms

PE01 Application for Educator Registration(PDF, 286KB)

PE02 Medical Examination Report(PDF, 281KB)



17 October: Canowindra Community Reading Day

25 October: Molong Community Playgroup

8 November: Molong Community Playgroup

14 November: Canowindra Community Playgroup

22 November: Molong Community Playgroup

6 December: Molong Community Playgroup