Information for Registered Educators


Child Enrolment

Complying Written Arrangement(PDF, 51KB)

Complying Written Arrangement e-Form(PDF, 648KB)

Enrolment Authorisations(PDF, 108KB)

Site Induction(PDF, 90KB)

School Travel Form(PDF, 98KB)

Emergency Contacts(PDF, 52KB)

Emergency Contacts e-Form(PDF, 595KB)


Excursion Forms

Risk Assessment(PDF, 160KB) 2021

Risk Assessment 2021 e-Form(PDF, 712KB)

Risk Assessment 2022(PDF, 178KB)

Risk Assessment 2022 e-Form(PDF, 712KB)


Educator Forms

Educator Workplace Safety Audit e-Form(PDF, 1MB)

Visitor Book(PDF, 33KB)

Visitor Book e-Form(PDF, 587KB)

Evacuation Procedures(PDF, 177KB)

Evacuation Procedures E-Form(PDF, 703KB)

Evacuation Diagram(PDF, 73KB)

Incident Report(PDF, 218KB)

Incident Report E-Form(PDF, 843KB)

Medical Examination Report(PDF, 87KB)

14 Day Notice Form(PDF, 163KB) 

Sleep Check Record(PDF, 54KB)

Sleep Check Record e-Form(PDF, 625KB) 

Relevant Arrangement(PDF, 117KB) 

Daily Home Checklist(PDF, 85KB)

Daily Home Checklist e-Form(PDF, 841KB) 




Medical Forms


Medication Authorisation(PDF, 96KB)

Risk Minimisation Plan(PDF, 69KB)

Allergic Reactions Action Plan(PDF, 273KB)

Anaphylaxis Action Plan(PDF, 275KB)

Asthma Action Plan(PDF, 139KB)

Incident Report(PDF, 218KB)

Incident Report E-Form(PDF, 843KB)

Anaphylaxis Notice(PDF, 95KB)

Programming and Planning

Developmental Milestones(PDF, 2MB)

Developmental Milestones e-Form(PDF, 4MB)

Anecdotal Record Template(PDF, 158KB)

Anecdotal Record E-Form(PDF, 702KB)

Learning Story Template(PDF, 154KB)

Learning Story e-Form(PDF, 688KB)

Photo Series Template(PDF, 864KB)

Photo Series e-Form(PDF, 864KB)

Educational Program Template(PDF, 81KB)

Educational Program Template e-Form(PDF, 621KB)



Molong Playgroups are currently not running due to COVID-19 restrictions. We will return once NSW reaches 80% double dose vaccinations. 

Please note, individuals aged 16 and over will need to be fully vaccinated in order to attend playgroups. 

We can't wait to see you again soon!