Stronger Communities Programme - Round 6


The Stronger Communities Programme (the program) supports the Australian Government’s commitment to deliver social benefits in communities across Australia by funding small capital projects in each of the 151 federal electorates.


Each electorate has a total funding pool of $150,000 that can be allocated to successful applications. A maximum of 20 projects will be funded in each electorate. The Minister has the discretion to allow additional projects in each electorate subject to the availability of program funds. 

The grant amount will be up to 50 per cent of eligible project costs (grant percentage). 

  • The minimum grant amount is $2,500.
  • The maximum grant amount is $20,000.

Total funding for the project from the Commonwealth cannot exceed 50 per cent of the total project cost. You can fund your share of eligible project costs from any source including state and local government. Your contribution can be either cash or in-kind. Where you provide in-kind contributions, you must calculate the dollar value. 

Important Note: Members of Parliament are responsible for the community consultation process. If you are invited to apply by your local MP, you will receive the link to the online application form in an email from your local Federal Member of Parliament.


Eligibility criteria

To be eligible you must:

  1. be invited to apply by your MP
  2. have an Australian Business Number (ABN)


3. be one of the following incorporated entities:

    • an incorporated not for profit organisation including:
    • incorporated associations, such as:
    • Police and Citizen Youth Clubs
    • child care centres
    • surf clubs
    • local aged care bodies
    • Parents and Citizens, Parents and Friends groups and equivalent bodies
    • local rural fire services
    • local state emergency services
  • non-distributing co-operatives
  • companies limited by guarantee
  • Indigenous not for profit corporations
  • religious organisations incorporated under legislation.
  • an incorporated trustee on behalf of a trust with responsibility for a community asset or property. You will be required to provide relevant trust documents.
  • a local governing body as defined by the Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995

If you are an organisation that may not be able to incorporate, including parish churches, rural fire brigades, scout groups, Parents and Citizens Associations (P&C’s) or equivalent bodies, you may be able to nominate an eligible project sponsor. The project sponsor will need to meet all eligibility criteria and be nominated by your MP. The project sponsor will need to submit the application on behalf of your organisation, enter into a grant agreement and be responsible for any obligations under the agreement with the Commonwealth.