Policies & Plans

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 - prescribes specific policies as open access information:
Cabonne Council has reviewed its policies and procedures that may impact on members of the public.
Currently, the following policies are available for free download by clicking here.  Then click on "Accessing Council Information", and "(c) Council's Policy documents".
Copies of previous versions are available on request from Council's Right to Information Officers on 6392 3221 / 6392 3217 or email Council@cabonne.nsw.gov.au.


2012-2013 Pollution Incidents Response Management Plans

Cabonne Tourism Plan 2013/2022

Draft Cabonne Council Asbestos Management Policy 2016

Annual Financial Statements 2016-17

Annual Financial Statements 2015-16

Governance Risk Management and Business Improvement Committee Constitution

Code of Conduct

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