Catchment Management Authority

Thirteen Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) have been established across the State by the New South Wales Government to ensure that regional communities have a significant say in how natural resources are managed in their catchments.

The CMAs are locally driven organisations with a board that reports directly to the NSW Minister for Natural Resources. These statutory bodies, established under the Catchment Management Authorities Act 2003 (CMA Act), coordinate natural resource management (NRM) in each catchment. They are responsible for involving regional communities in management of the NRM issues facing their region, and are the primary means for the delivery of funding from the NSW and Commonwealth Governments to help land managers improve and restore the natural resources of the State.

Each CMA board consists of a chairperson and up to six board members, who together provide a range of experience, skills and knowledge in areas such as primary production, cultural heritage, biodiversity conservation, business administration and governance. Each CMA also has a general manager and a small team of professional staff.

The CMAs work in partnership with the community, local government, State Government agencies, industry and individuals.

Further information can be found at the Central West Catchment Authority website

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