Canowindra a RV friendly town

Cabonne Council and the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) are today pleased to officially declare Canowindra as an RV Friendly Town™.
By promoting the partnership between recreational vehicle (RV) travellers and towns, CMCA hopes to encourage the expansion of tourism related infrastructure and services, and also boost the economy of those towns providing RV tourist specific amenities.
In order to qualify for the program, towns must successfully meet the needs of RV travellers and satisfy stringent criteria including:
•    Access to a general shopping area
•    Provision of appropriate low cost overnight parking
•    Access to potable water and a free dump point

CMCA also considers the general attitude of the local council and community, so as to truly identify the friendliest areas in Australia.
Therefore, travellers can enter any RV Friendly Town™ with the knowledge that they will be welcomed and adequately provided for. In return, CMCA supports and promotes towns with an RV Friendly status.
CMCA Director, National Consumer Representative & Government Liaison, Ken Kipping says the results of the program continue to be promising.
“It is great to see an increasing number of towns qualifying as RV Friendly,” he says.
“CMCA strives to promote a number of programs that will facilitate improved relationships between RV travellers, government and the community. This way we are ensuring that everyone’s interests are considered and our programs are mutually beneficial for all parties involved.”
The advantage of Canowindra becoming an RV Friendly Town™ is that the business communities will benefit from the dollars spent by these mobile travellers. The value of road based tourism in Australia is estimated to be $7 billion per annum.
It is important to the economy of the State, particularly in the regional areas, that as much of this revenue as possible is spent in this State, rather than in the adjoining States.
The designation of RV Friendly Towns continues to encourage all RV travellers to stop, shop and enjoy what all that various towns in your State have to offer.
It is now up to these communities to make the tourists welcome. If you see them around the town, say hello and tell them about some of the great things to see in the district. The best form of advertising is word of mouth, and as they tell their fellow travellers about the joys of staying in the region, their numbers will increase.
A number of RV Friendly Towns™ exist around the country. For a current list, visit the CMCA website