Cabonne Settlement Strategy

Local Environmental Plan 2012

A new plan to provide a clear direction for development, economic sustainability and population growth in Cabonne Shire is now in place.

The NSW Government has formally approved the Cabonne Local Environmental Plan 2012 and Settlement Strategy.

A Local Environmental Plan ('LEP') is the primary local planning instrument that sets a range of controls for development in the Shire.  This includes, but is not limited to, zoning of land and permissible land uses, the minimum lot size for subdivision and dwellings, heritage conservation, and key development controls to protect the environment, minimise land use conflicts, and promote sustainable development. 

The current plan is Cabonne Local Environmental Plan 2012

A copy of the LEP can be viewed or downloaded at Cabonne Local Environmental Plan 2012 or go to and click the 'Browse' tab.  Under 'Browse in Force' / 'EPIs' click on the letter 'C' for Cabonne.  

Please note that the zoning maps associated with this plan are also available through the web link.

The Cabonne Settlement Strategy may also be viewed here.

Development Control Plans

It is the role of a DCP to provide more detailed controls for specific development types, issues and places that are suited to Cabonne and the community's desired development outcomes.  

The current adopted development control plans in Cabonne are:



Date In Force


West Canowindra Rural Small Holdings (PDF - 164.44KB)

16 November 1992


Weemelah Rural Small Holdings (PDF - 146.47KB)

16 November 1992


Longs Corner Road Rural Small Holdings (PDF - 221.42KB)

16 November 1992


General Rural Zones (PDF - 186.77KB)

1 December 1992


Rural Small Holdings (PDF - 455.21KB)

1 December 1992


North Street Canowindra Industrial (PDF - 34.75KB)

24 June 1992


North Molong Industry (PDF - 30.98KB)

25 January 1995


Strathnook Lane Rural Small Holdings (PDF - 541.89KB)

24 December 1999

DCP 10

Flood Prone Lane in Molong (PDF - 202.24KB)

8 November 2005

DCP 13 Advertising Signage in Conservation Areas (Molong and Canowindra) (PDF - 1498.16KB)

20 November 2000

DCP 15

Relocatable and Transportable Homes (PDF - 132.64KB)

14 July 2005

DCP 16

Interim Guidelines for Development of Flood Prone Land in Eugowra (PDF - 527.24KB)

11 February 2010

Contribution Plans

Your development may also trigger a requirement to pay contributions towards community infrastructure including contributions under Section 94 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 including:

Road Contribution Plan

Council Policies & Guidelines

There may be other Council policies or guidelines that apply to your development.  Please contact Council to discuss your development and find out about other matters that may affect desired development outcomes.