Cabonne 2025 Community Strategic Plan

Cabonne 2025 Community Strategic Plan.png

Cabonne 2025 represents the vision, aspirations and priorities of our community for their preferred future.

From the outset of the planning process to develop the Community Strategic Plan we worked together to create a picture of what Cabonne should and could be like in the future. The participation and contributions were positive and productive and the end plan Cabonne 2025 provides a blueprint for us all to follow.

The purpose of Cabonne 2025 is to:

• Describe the preferred future of what we want Cabonne to be like in 2025;

• Describe the values to guide future choices and how we will work together as a community;

• Outline the future directions and associated strategic outcomes to achieve the preferred future;

• Provide a long-term focus for decision making and resource allocation of Council's finances, workforce and

asset management;

• Provide a basis for measuring our progress;

• Provide opportunities for community participation in decision-making;

• Address social, economic, environmental and civic leadership issues.