Council aims to provide adequate and appropriate places for interment and quiet remembrance.

Council has within it's Shire a total of 11 public cemeteries. These cemeteries date back to the late 1800s. A number of historical sites such as Yuranigh's Grave, church cemeteries and private cemeteries are also situated within the council area.

Cabonne Cemeteries

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Cemetery Management Guidelines


The Cemetery Management Guidelines apply to all cemeteries, crematoriums and memorial gardens administered, operated and maintained by Cabonne Council. 

The Guidelines detail Cabonne Council’s expectations of persons operating at Council cemeteries such as cemetery administration and maintenance personnel, Crematoriums, Funeral Directors, Grave Diggers and other contractors.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about reserving a plot or niche?

A plot can be reserved by telephoning Council's Department of Environmental Services on (02) 6392 3247 . A application form will be then be sent to you for completion. Once the relevant fee has been paid a Reservation Permit will be sent to you for your records.

Is there a reservation fee?

Yes. The current reservation fee for a cemetery plot is $738.20

The reservation fee for a Columbarium Wall niche or Cumnock Rose Garden plot for ashes is $416.40.

A Burial Licence fee of $283.40 (per interment) and a Perpetual Maintenance fee of $149.20 (per interment) is also applicable. This can be paid at the time of reservation or burial.
If the above mentioned fees are not paid at time of reservation, they may be subject to increase in future.

(The Burial Licence fee for Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday and after hours is $641.20)

These prices are current to 30 June 2024

Cabonne Beam Cemeteries

Cabonne has a number of Beam Cemeteries. The following applies:


A maximum of two vases are allowed at each headstone. These vases are to be of non breakable materials.

Placement of Flowers

Fresh flowers are permitted to be placed.

The placement of artificial flowers may be permitted, provided they are placed in an approved vase. Artificial flowers will be removed once they, in the opinion of the cemetery staff, show signs of fading, deterioration or damage.


No garden edging, or other materials are permitted to be placed on the grave in any of Council's Beam Cemeteries.

Levelling of Graves

Levelling of graves will be undertaken after approximately 12 months to allow settling of the gravesite. Any remedial works that are required to be undertaken will take place annually.

Should family members not remove memorabilia, Council's cemetery staff will do so. Council will attempt to replace items but does not accept any responsibility for the safe removal or return of such items.