NSW Planning Portal FAQ

The NSW Planning Portal

What is the NSW Planning Portal?

The NSW Planning Portal (Portal) is an online environment that has been developed by NSW Government Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE), where community, industry and government can work together to better understand and meet their obligations under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. It hosts a range of digital planning services, mapping tools and reporting tools to assist everyone involved in a proposed development. The Portal aims to improve application determination times, increase the transparency of the planning system, and ensure greater accountability of all stakeholders.

Why is Council moving to online lodgement of applications via the NSW Planning Portal?

The NSW Government requires all NSW councils to use the NSW Planning Portal for all applications. Cabonne Council is required to adopt this system by 1 July 2021. The change to online planning and building applications enables all of us to improve convenience and customer service.


My address is not recognised. What can I do?

If your address is not recognised, you can try to enter the Lot, Section and Deposited Plan (DP) details of the land. The Lot, Section and DP details can be found on your rates notice, under the postal address details. You may also call Cabonne Council during business hours on 6392 3200 to find out your Lot, Section and DP details.

In the Portal, the Lot and DP details need to be entered in a specific format Lot/Section/Deposited Plan.  If your Lot and DP details were Lot 1, DP 1234567, in the portal, you would enter 1/-/DP1234567.

Not all properties will have a section, but they are common in the rural and village areas.  Please ensure that you separate each component with a slash '/', include a dash '-' if the property does not have a section number and include the letters 'DP' in front of the Deposited Plan number or "SP" in front of the Strata Plan number.

What applications are able to be lodged via the Portal?

From 1 July 2021 all development applications, construction certificates and complying development certificates are required to be lodged via the Portal.

Do I have to lodge my development application via the Portal?

Yes, you must prepare and submit your application via the Portal when lodging a development application, construction certificate or complying development certificate with Cabonne Council.

The lodgement of applications via the Portal will be mandated by Cabonne Council on 1 July 2021.

Is there a procedure or documentation to assist with lodging my application via the Portal?

Yes, DPIE has created a guide to walk you through registration and lodgement on the Portal. Click here to access the help guides. It is recommended that during the lodgement process you “Save/Continue” or “Save/Exit” while you are completing your application.

Does Cabonne Council require any information to be submitted other than the standard form on the Portal?

Yes, supporting documentation is required when lodging an application. View Council's Submission Matrix(PDF, 177KB) to make sure you have everything you need. 

How do I lodge my application if the proposed lot is not registered?

Applications can only be lodged on registered lots. The NSW Planning Portal is updated weekly, and you may experience a delay in newly registered lots appearing in the Planning Portal.

How do I know if I have submitted everything required for my application?

Council staff will undertake a pre-lodgement check and advise you by email if further documentation is required. Council will allow five (5) business days for the additional information to be provided, or otherwise the application may be returned.

It is important to understand the application pre-lodgement check does not assess the actual development application. Council’s planner and/or building surveyor may require additional information to be submitted during the application assessment process.

What if I have other applications such as a septic application and/or drive-way application? Can I lodge it concurrently with my DA via the Portal?

Yes, Cabonne Council will allow the use of the Portal for lodging other development related application forms and associated documents. Please use the 'other' category when submitting the associated Development Application. Please note you cannot lodge these applications separately via the Portal. 

If my application is returned, do I need to start another application from the beginning?

No, the returned application can be copied onto another application, to avoid the applicant from re-entering information. Should you require assistance, please contact Council on telephone 02 6392 3200. However, you will need to upload the required lodgement documentation again. 

Assistance with Lodging Your Application

Who can assist me with the Portal?

If you require assistance using the Portal, and you were unable to find an answer within the Help and Support section on the Portal, you may contact Service NSW for assistance by calling 1300 305 695 or via email info@service.nsw.gov.au 

Council staff are available to assist you with submitting your application during business hours. It is recommended that you make an appointment to ensure a staff member is available to assist you. Please call 02 6392 3200 to make an appointment.

What if I don’t have a computer to use to lodge my application?

Your builder, draftsperson, shed company or home improvement company may be able to lodge your application on your behalf.   Discuss this option with them. A family member may also be able to assist you with lodging your application.

Council staff are available to assist you with submitting your application during business hours. It is recommended that you make an appointment to ensure a staff member is available to assist you. Please call 02 6392 3200 to make an appointment.

The Cabonne Libraries in Molong, Canowindra and Manildra also have computers available for use during their opening times.


Can I take a photograph of my plans?

No, plans must be drawn to scale and are required to be submitted in a readable PDF format. Council’s Planning Team are able to scan plans for you to submit with your application, however fees and charges apply for scanning and printing services.

Why will Council only accept PDF format for the electronic files?

PDF is the most commonly available format that preserves the integrity and quality of documentation across any software, hardware or operating system. Please ensure that no security settings, including passwords, are applied to PDF documents and that all aspects of the plans are legible. 

DA Tracking

How do I track the status of my application?

You can track the status of your application through the status column on your Portal dashboard when you sign into your account. Once the application is lodged the Portal status will display under assessment. For more information you can view Council’s DA Tracker.

Are electronic files lodged with Council available for public viewing?

Yes. All planning applications will remain publicly available on Council’s DA Tracker. Information may also be made available in accordance with the Government In formation (Public Access) Act 2009. Some documents will be published on Council's DA Tracker website during exhibition periods.


How do I pay my fees?

Once your application is complete and accepted for lodgement via the Portal, Council will contact you for payment. Your application will not be lodged until the application fees have been paid in full. Please ensure you state who will be paying for the application in the relevant section of the Portal application process where the payee details are different to the applicant details.

If the application includes integrated development, this fee is paid in the NSW Planning Portal directly to the external agency. This fee will not be requested until the concurrence/referral is actioned from Council.

As a company, do I need to provide my ABN/ACN?

Yes, your ABN/ACN is required for Council to correctly link your application from the Portal to Council’s systems.

How do I lodge my Occupation Certificate application?

Occupation Certificates lodged with Cabonne Council are to be submitted via the Portal.

What if I don’t have a copy of my development consent?

Copies of development consents and associated certificates are available via Council’s DA Tracker or the Portal, however if a certificate has been issued by a Private Certifier you will need to obtain a copy from them.