Guidelines for Food Businesses at Temporary Events

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These guidelines inform businesses selling food at temporary events in NSW of their legal requirements in relation to the NSW Food Act 2003 (the Act) and the Food Standard Code (the Code).

They provide information on requirements such as power supply and waste disposal, and suggest ways to maintain food safety at the event. Businesses and local council environmental health officers (EHOs) can use this guide to assess compliance with the Act and the Code.

The primary aim of these guidelines is to make food businesses aware of their legal requirements and to suggest ways to assure food safety when selling food. This guideline also provides businesses with a guide to applicable fees and charges that councils may levy.

Food businesses wishing to sell food at temporary events should contact the council where the event is based prior to operating to check if a permit to trade on public land is required, if an inspection must be completed, if there are any applicable fees or if there are any other requirements.

Download guidelines here - temp_events_guideline.pdf (