Integrated Planning and Reporting

Integrated Planning and Reporting is an initiative whereby Cabonne Council has embraced a new way of budgeting and planning involving a series of plans that tie in together to guide the provision of future services, facilities and strategic tasks.

These documents include a Community Strategic Plan, Long Term Financial Plan, Four Year Delivery Program, Operational Plan, Asset Management Plan and a Four Year Workforce Plan.

Specific aims of the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework are to:
•Improve integration of various statutory planning and reporting processes undertaken by Councils.
•Strengthen Councils' strategic focus.
•Streamline reporting processes.
•Ensure that the Local Government Act 1993 and the Integrated Planning and Reporting Guidelines support a strategic and integrated approach to planning and reporting by local councils.

This framework recognises that communities do not exist in isolation - they are part of a larger natural, social, economic and political environment that influences and, to a large extent, shapes their future direction.

Nor do Council plans exist in isolation. Land use and infrastructure planning produces social, environmental and economic outcomes which are all connected.

This framework encourages Councils to draw their various plans together, to understand how they interact and to get the maximum leverage from their efforts by planning holistically for the future.
It recognises that most communities share similar aspirations:
•A safe, healthy and pleasant place to live
•A sustainable environment
•Opportunities for social interaction
•Opportunities for employment
•Reliable infrastructure.

The framework has opened the way for Councils and their communities to have important discussions about funding priorities, service levels and preserving local identity and to plan in partnership for a more sustainable future.

Cabonne's integrated plans were developed after an extensive community consultation process that included a wide-ranging community survey, two community workshops involving a broad cross-section of community representatives and further consultation with stakeholders and Government agencies.