Pensioner Rebates

The Pensioner Concession card forms the basis upon which rates rebates will be granted to eligible pensioners.

Pensioners who have previously given Council authority to determine eligibility from information obtained from Centrelink and the Department of Veterans' Affairs will note that their rates notice has been issued showing the reduced pensioner amount payable after the eligibility has been confirmed by the relevant department.

Pensioners eligible to receive the pension rebate and who have not received a reduction on their rate notice are asked to contact Council so that the necessary Pensioner Concession Application form can be completed. Council staff will gladly assist you to fill in the application, but please be certain to produce your new Pensioner Concession card when the application is being completed.  Pensioner Concession Application forms can be downloaded at the link below.

Pensioners who become eligible after the date of service of the rate notice are entitled to a reduction, proportionate to the number of whole quarterly periods remaining in the rating year.