Bulky Waste Clean-up 2022

Published on 16 June 2022

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The Cabonne bulky waste clean-up returns this August for Cabonne residents only.
This service is available for residents that currently have a regular bin service/ waste collection service with Council.

Waste should be placed out between  
6 - 7 August 2022


Acceptable items

The total volume of waste presented for collection must not exceed 2 cubic metres.

Scrap metal and whitegoods

Fridges, stoves, microwaves, washing machines, metal lawn mowers, bicycles, BBQs, hot water systems, empty paint tins, metal furniture.
All metal items collected will be recycled. Please ensure  all  doors  are  removed  from  household appliances & white goods.

General bulky waste
Mattresses, furniture, lounges, floor coverings, vacuum cleaners, small appliances. batteries, bric-a-brac.

Bundled organics
Garden pruning, leaves, clippings, untreated timber, tree limbs (no longer than 1.8m and 250mm diameter. 


Where do I put my bulky waste items?
All items are to be placed neatly next to the edge of  the  kerb  &  not  blocking  the  footpath  at  your normal weekly collection point.

How much can I put out?
The total volume of waste presented for collection must not exceed 2 cubic metres.

All waste should be separated into three separate piles.

LOOSE ITEMS & ORGANICS must be tied securely with rope or string (not wire), into bundles or contained in sturdy boxes.

Unacceptable items

  • Materials  that  exceed  the  maximum dimensions of 2 cubic metres
  • Asbestos, fibro & insulation batts
  • Trade, industrial & shop waste
  • Cement bags & sawdust
  • Items in plastic bags
  • Motor vehicles, engines, car parts & tyres
  • Building  &  demolition  materials,  concrete, bricks,  tiles,  fencing,  plumbing  fixtures  & panes of glass
  • Large carpet rolls
  • Gas bottles & fire extinguishers
  • Hazardous  waste  such  as  paint,  solvents, chemicals, cleaners & unwanted medicines
  • Liquids of any sort including Fuels & Oils
  • Material suitable for placement in your mobile garbage  bins,  including    recyclables,  food scraps & household garbage
  • Small  machinery  containing  fuel  or  oil including oil heaters
  • Large tree trunks & thorny bushes
  • Soil & Stones

The Contractor has the right to reject any material that they consider unacceptable.

Contact Council on 6392 3200 with any questions.


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