Community Assistance Program (CAP) Coming Soon

Published on 23 May 2023

CAP (2).jpg

Not-for-profit organisations are encouraged to apply for community related projects to improve the “liveability” of their areas.

Applications will soon open for round 3 of Cabonne Council's 2022/23 Community Assistance Program (CAP) grants, which are designed to provide an ongoing or sustainable benefit to local communities.

In order to be eligible for the Community Assistance Program, applicants must be a not-for-profit organisation in the Cabonne Local Government Area and be undertaking a project on non-commercial facilities within the Shire.

Each project will be assessed on its merits and the relative benefit it will return to the community. Grants are provided on a 50:50 basis, but communities can provide their half of the funding through voluntary labour or in-kind contributions.



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