Council adopts Renewable Energy Action Plan (REAP)

Published on 28 May 2020


The Cabonne Council Renewable Energy Action Plan (REAP) was developed after a detailed analysis of current electricity consumption and generation opportunities was conducted including a review of factors relating to installation and management of renewable energy infrastructure.  The plan provides a knowledge base for Council to set out the options over the short to medium term for renewable energy projects.

Council has also committed to moving forward with investigation into a Medium Scale Solar Generator, as identified as a proposed project in the Plan.  This is a three-stage process; the preliminary stages of 1 and 2 Stage which will involve: 

Stage 1     Establish size and location of at least 4 potential mid-scale solar arrays

Complete GIS data analysis, site validation and Essential Energy Preliminary Network enquiries to establish limitations and viability of mid-scale arrays in or around each major centre with the LGA.

Stage 2 – Detailed conceptual modelling, identifying preferred partners and defining the project

Council has been able to proceed with both Stage 1 and 2 utilising unexpended funds within the current budget. Council can then examine the outcome of these investigative stages and determine the viability of proceeding to Stage 3, being full project planning, documentation and delivery. 

The SMART metering and load control installations identified in the Renewal Energy Action Plan has been provided for the draft 2020/21 budget for implementation early in the next financial year.