Cumnock and Yeoval Potable Water

Published on 29 April 2021


Council has been undertaking works around the villages of Cumnock and Yeoval to complete the construction of a water reticulation system in the two villages. An initial letter was sent out in late 2020 asking residents to opt-in or opt-out of the on-property works that will be required to change over houses from their current water supply to the treated water supply. A follow-up letter is being prepared, this is the online version.

If you opt-in, you are choosing to have potable water connected from your meter to your house now using the Council contractor.

If you opt-out, the potable water will still be delivered to your meter, but if you wish to connect the potable water supply to your house in the future, you are choosing to do this at your own expense and with your own contractor.

With these works due to commence soon, Council is asking all residents to ensure they have returned their form – which can be found in the physical letter, or online below – to indicate their preference (to opt into the works, or to opt out of them) by Friday 7 May 2021.

A reminder of how the process will work can be found below:

You request a site visit.

  1. Council’s Project Manager and Council’s plumber will meet with you at a suitable time.
    • Council’s Project Manager will develop a plan to change the connection from the non-potable source to Council’s main.
  2. Engage a plumber to undertake the works.
  3. Arrange a date and approximate time for plumber to undertake works – Council will arrange a window of time when the plumber will be in the village and available.
  4. Undertake works including reinstatement of trenches.
  5. Final signoff
    • Independent expert to ensure the work undertaken meets drinking water hygiene guidelines.
    • Property Owner and Project Manager to agree that works have been completed to satisfaction, including the clean-up.

 If you have misplaced your form, you can complete the online form below by Friday 7 May.