Cumnock and Yeoval Reticulation FAQ

Published on 30 November 2020


Due to the improvement in the Molong water supply due to the recent rainfall events, Council is in a position to finalise the ongoing water supply upgrades in the villages of Cumnock and Yeoval.

Over the next 6 months, Council will be undertaking works around the villages of Cumnock and Yeoval which includes:
• Water main cleaning
• On-property works to change over houses from their current water supply to the treated water supply
• Commissioning the system

Please see below for some answers to the frequently asked questions that have been posed about the project:

Question: Will Council make me remove my water tank?

Answer: No, Council actually encourages the community to have rainwater tanks for non-drinking water uses (gardens, greywater, toilets etc)

Question: Will Council make us change from tank water to the new water?

Answer: No, it is up to the resident how they utilise the water once it has passed through the meter

Question: What does the opt out / opt in mean on the letter received

Answer: The opt out / opt in option relates to having Council do works on your property to allow only treated water into your sink.

As part of the opt in option Council will undertake physical works on your property to connect the treated water to your house, noting that non-treated water sources that connect to your sink will be disconnected in line with Health NSW advice.

As part of the opt out option Council will still be providing treated water to the meter.

Question: Can I still have the water from Bell River / Buckinbah Creek into my property?

Answer: No, when this project is completed these water sources will no longer be connected to the town system. The only water that will be in the pipes is the treated water from Molong.

Question: Will there be any increase in my water charges?

Answer: Apart from the usual indexation, there will be no increase due to treated water being supplied.