Water restrictions eased in Cumnock and Yeoval

Published on 13 May 2020


Cabonne Council has relaxed water restrictions in Cumnock and Yeoval following recent inflows to the Bell River and Buckinbah Creek catchments. Level 2 restrictions now apply to both villages, enabling residents to water lawns and gardens during certain hours.

The Council thanked all residents for their adherence to Level 4 restrictions and their ability to modify their water use during a difficult time. It will continue to monitor water use in the villages, as well as flows in Bell River and Buckinbah Creek and long-term weather forecasts. Restriction levels will be reviewed according to any increase or decrease in the water supply.

Under Level 2 restrictions, watering systems, non-fixed sprinklers, handheld hoses, micro sprays, drip systems, and soaker hoses are permitted for a maximum of TWO hours every second day as per odds and evens system. If a property has an even number, residents may water on even days of the calendar and odd street numbers on odd days. If a property has no street number, it is treated as an even number.

Level 2 restrictions also permit cars to be washed at home, on a lawn surface, with a bucket and rinsed with a trigger hose any day between 9am and 12pm.

Topping up or filling of garden water features is now permitted and swimming pools and spas may be topped up between 7am-9am and 6pm-8pm. The irrigation of new turf is permitted for one week after laying and after that time, Level 2 restrictions on watering lawns apply.

Washing down walls or paved surfaces is not permitted.

Anyone seeking further information is urged to contact Cabonne Council’s Engineering Department on (02) 6390 7100.


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