Yeoval facing Level 5 water restrictions

Published on 23 December 2019


Less than 10 days after moving to Level 4 water restrictions, Yeoval residents are facing even tougher restrictions in coming weeks.

Insufficient supply in the Buckinbah Creek and unreliable groundwater availability have forced Cabonne Council to introduce Level 5 restrictions in the village from Sunday 5 January 2020, unless there is heavy rain in the meantime.

This means that: 


Level 5 Extreme

Watering of Lawns

Not Permitted

Watering of gardens

Only with bucket or watering can each Sunday between 6pm and 8pm (daylight savings time)

Hand-held hoses, watering systems, non-fixed sprinklers, microsprays, drip systems and soaker hoses not permitted at any time

Irrigation of new turf

Not Permitted

Topping up, filling garden water features

Not Permitted

Washing down walls or paved surfaces

Not Permitted

Topping up swimming pools/spas

Not Permitted

First fill of swimming pools/spas

Not Permitted

Inflatable or temporary children’s pools

Not Permitted

Washing cars at home

Not Permitted

Use of evaporative air-conditioners

Permitted only between 7am-midnight each day. Exemptions may be granted to aged accommodation or nursing homes

Construction industry eg. Mortar or concrete mix


Construction – wash down, paint preparation, curing etc

Business must implement and comply with Water Saving Action Plan


The Yeoval reticulated system supplies residents with chlorinated raw water only, which is non-portable. Providing alternative sources of drinking water is the responsibility of each householder.

 Residents’ assistance in reducing water consumption is imperative to maintain sufficient supply for essential household purposes. However, Level 5 water restrictions are enforceable under the NSW Local Government Act and failing to comply with the restrictions can result in a fine of up to $220.

 Anyone seeking further information is invited to contact Cabonne Council’s Engineering Department on 63907100.

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