Noxious Weeds

Noxious Weed Control Council activity encourages and promotes a cooperative working relationship between occupiers and the Weeds Officers to control the spread of noxious weeds.
The Noxious Weeds Act 1993 requires every occupier of land to take responsibilty and effective measures to control noxious weeds and plants. Occupiers who fail to recognise their responsibility for control of noxious weeds and plants are liable to prosocution and penalty under the Act. Weed Control Recommendations

  • BLACKBERRY - Overall spray when plant is at full leaf stage from November to May. Use Brushoff or the chemicals Grazon and Garlon which also give good results. Choose a chemical suitable to your situation. Destroy dead bushes by burning after chemical action has stopped - generally three months.
  • SWEET BRIAR - Overall spray when plant is in full leaf stage from November to February. Grazon gives excellent results. Velpar L is effective using spot gun method when applied during the winter period.
  • BOXTHORN - Overall spray with Roundup, Velpar L is effective more so than for Sweet Briar.
  • TREE OF HEAVEN - Overall spray in late spring to late summer - September to February. Chemical: Brushoff, large established trees - cut base of tree and inject Velpar.
  • ST JOHNS WORT - Apply in early stages of plant growth from October to December, ie before flowering takes place. Use Grazon or Roundup.
  • TRUE SCOTCH THISTLE - Overall spray at Rosette stage at early period of plant growth. Use Dicamba.
  • SERRATED TUSSOCK - Overall spray plant befre seeding if possible, ie before August/September periods, using Taskforce (Flupropante).
  • JOHNSON GRASS - Overall spray when plant actively growing October to April. Use Roundup near susceptible crops.
  • BATHURST AND NOOGOORA BURR - Spray in early stage of plant growth before burr sets from late December to middle January. Chemcial 24-D amine. Care should be taken when using near susceptible crops.
  • SPINY BURR GRASS - Overall spray early Spring - September to December - use Roundup before seed appears.
  • BIDDY BUSH - An Agfact is available from NSW Agriculture. Grazon and Roundup are effective chemicals. A permit is required for Velpar, which is the most economical.

    An information brochure is also available to assist land holders identify and control various weeds.

    Should you wish to discuss noxious weed control further please contact Norm Townsend, Chief Weeds Inspector, on 63923202 (7.00am - 9.00am) or 0419284991.

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