Cudal Showground Plan Of Management

On display until 09 August 2024, 05:00 PM

Cudal Showground (or the Showground) is on Crown land owned by the State of New South Wales, managed by Cabonne Council (Council) for the benefit of the community. It is a substantial complex of crucial significance to the town of Cudal and its neighbouring villages and rural communities. It creates a common focus for community commitment and relationships and hosts a diverse range of events, interests and activities which are all integral to the region’s health and lifestyle.
The annual Agricultural Show and all its events, a range of individual equine sports and horse clinics, various Cudal and regional school events, swap meets, birthday parties, weddings, and other social functions, all take place on this rural Showground. The range and diversity of these activities reflect the social, sporting and cultural needs of a rural community, as well as the enduring human energies from the community required to maintain their delivery.
This Plan of Management works towards the following vision for the Cudal Showground:
“Cudal Showground – An Essence of Community – Building on our Rural Traditions Together”
The intention of this Cudal Showground Plan of Management (CSPoM) is to provide Council with a framework that enables decisions regarding the site, to be made on an informed, consistent and equitable basis over the next decade. Specifically, it will provide a strategic framework to:
  • direct the operation and development of the land.
  • identify and address the legal and policy requirements of managing the land.
  • manage and conserve the environmental and historical significance of the land, where present.
  • identify and manage risks.  describe how to promote and protect the intended use of the land.
  • preserve and protect the history and traditions of a rural centre.

This CSPoM meets all the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993 (LG Act). Under this CSPoM, the land at the Cudal Showground is categorised under the LG Act as:

  • Sportsground
  • General Community Use
  • Natural Area – Bushland