Reminder - Please Do Not Drive On Closed Roads

Published on 03 November 2022

Damaged Road.jpg
Cabonne Council are receiving a number of concerning reports that road users are ignoring or moving road closed signs.


Whilst we appreciate that road closures are having a significant impact, it is vital that people follow road closure advice.


Closed roads have been inspected by Council crews are are not deemed safe for vehicles. These roads may have suffered significant structural damage and users may not be able to easily see damage that has occurred.
Road users who ignore road closure signs are breaking the law and may void their insurance if an incident was to occur.


Council apologises for the inconvenience that road closures are having across the region and ask for patience and understanding as we work to reopen roads as quickly and safely as possible.


Council continues to provide regular updates on road closures and openings through our Facebook page, and also via:


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